Equador and Peru Holiday

We had some time because I had a change of jobs (yep… photography is not my full time gig… not yet at least).  Anyway, I was able to put together a last minute trip to visit the Galapagos islands and Machu Picchu in Peru.  I think we may have pushed ourselves to the limit on this trip.  Over 25,000 miles traveled.  12 different flights.  1 week on a Catamaran.  Train ride in the Himalayas.   The amazing thing is that almost everything went smoothly.  A couple of minor glitches but that is part of the joy of traveling.

Check out a short video slide show from our trip here.

Kissing seals

Kissing seals

To see more pictures from our holiday click here -> http://www.busscher.us/holiday/equador-peru/

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