A look back at 2009 and what’s to come in 2010

2009 was a big travel year for us. We started out spending the start of 2009 on a Caribbean cruise with my wife and parents. Several months later we had an amazing trip to Bhutan. In September we took a quick trip to the Maldives. Then we topped off the year with our big Africa trip to both Uganda and Tanzania.

Can 2010 top it?

Here is what we have on deck for 2010
1) Borneo (the Malaysia side)
2) New Zealand (an active adventure holiday)
3) Tahiti (cruise with my wife and parents)
4) Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Not sure if we can squeeze this one in but we will try to do some diving here for a few days.

Looks like we have another fun year in store :)

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