New Zealand – Nevis Bungy and Arc

Here is a video of my bungy jump from the 134 meter Nevis Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand.  I couldn’t convince Miki to do the bungy jump but she did do the Nevis Arc with me.

The Nevis Arc is the highest swing in the world that sends your hurdling through a 330 meter arc.  Video of us going for swing below the bungy jump video.  They had to put us in a unique position because of the weight difference between us.  They call that position the “Honeymooner”.  Fun in more ways than one :)

Nathan’s Nevis Bungy Jump

Nathan and Miki’s Nevis Arc Swing

Some pics from the Nevis Bungy and Arc

A video on the history of bungy after the jump.

If you are the reading type there is even more history for you here

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