Macau Tower – 233 meter bungy jump. The highest in the world.

It’s been over a month since we returned from New Zealand and did the awesome Nevis Bungy in Queenstown.  The Nevis bungy was great but was only 134 meters.  It was time to go bigger and the only one bigger in the world is the AJ Hacket Bungy Jump from the top of the Macau Tower.  The jump from Macau Tower is a jaw dropping 233 meters.  Almost 1oo meters more than the one I did in New Zealand.

Check out the video of the jump here.

We didn’t only jump off of stuff during our overnight trip to Macau.  We also ate… a lot.  Two restaurants are a must visit for foodies.  1 is Fernando’s and the other is Dumbo (as in the Disney elephant).  Both have great food.  Visit Fernando’s for the great clams and Dumbo for the very tasty prawns.

For lodging, we stayed at the massive Venetian in the enormous Rialto Suite.  Everything about this place is huge but not in a good way.  It’s just too big.  Plus, it doesn’t have any character.  If we were to go again we’d probably stay in the Four Seasons next door.  We walked around the Four Seasons a bit and while its still big it has a smaller feel to it.  The staff at the Four Seasons is also much better.  We weren’t even guests there but we got the standard Four Seasons treatment.

Advert next to the bungy jump.  SOOO TRUE!!!

Check out more pics from our quick trip to Macau.  Pics of the Rialto Suite are below as well.  By far the biggest hotel room we’ve ever stayed in.

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