Shearing Sheep in New Zealand

Everyone knows that New Zealand is famous for sheep but what is surprising is that you really don’t see very many of them.  For all the talk about sheep in New Zealand and I thought they would be everywhere.  There are some 40-50 million sheep in New Zealand which is about 12 sheep for every person in the country.  There are 4 main types of sheep in New Zealand.  Romney, Drysdale, Peredale, and Merino.

The sheep they used at the shearing show we went to was a Drysdale.  The sheep shearing show is very close to the Kaikoura city center so its easy to make a quick trip out after whale watching or swimming with the dolphins. They also have a very friendly goat and a cat that keeps an eye on your car while your watching the show.

We also ran into a pack of Merino sheep on the road near Queenstown… twice.  The locals probably think it’s annoying when they need to stop on the road to let the sheep by but we thought it was great.

Sheep road block

Check out pictures and videos from the sheep shearing show and few other encounters with sheep.

…if you want a good laugh google kiwi sheep jokes.  The Australians and Kiwis have a long rivalry and pretty much every Australian we ran into in New Zealand had a sheep joke about New Zealanders.  All were funny but not a single one of them was PG rated…

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