Sibera Experience and Jet Boating New Zealand

Siberia Experience

Fly… Walk… Jet Boat. The Siberia Experience packs all of this in one 4 hour experience only an hour drive from Wanaka. You start out with a 30 minute flight deep into the bush where the pilot puts the plane down on a small, grass airstrip. The coolest part is that he takes off and leaves you there in the middle of nowhere all by yourself. The pilot just points you in the direction of the trail and says walk on the trail for about 3 hours and you’ll see the sign where the jet boat will pick you up.

The scenic flight was very similar to others we did in New Zealand but the experience of being dropped off in the middle of nowhere was very cool. The 3 hour hike was on a good trail with some amazing views. It was topped off with an exhilarating 40 minute jet boat ride. Check out the video to see how fast you go and how close to get to the rocks, shore, branches… very exciting.

We also did the Shotover Jet boat ride which is the one that probably gets the most press and was one of the original jet boat operations in New Zealand. It’s much more commercial that the Siberia Experience but its a worthwhile side trip you can do from Queenstown.

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