Pitts Aerobatic and Tiger Moth Flight

One of things I’ve never done before our trip to New Zealand is go on an aerobatic flight.  So, during my research for the trip I stumbled across Silver Demon Aerobatic Flights and knew I had to do it. Luckily we were able to squeeze it into the itinerary during our stay in Wanaka.  The pilot is the New Zealand national aerobatic champion so he knows his stuff.  He’s a funny guy with a huge ego but I guess when your a national champion that earns you the right to think pretty highly of yourself.

Here’s some info on the Pitts Special (pictured below).

Pitts Special Aerobatic Aircraft

Here is the path of the flight he took me on.  I don’t really understand the diagram but you can try to decipher it  by checking out an explanation of the “Aresti system” here.  All I know is that it was a wild ride, I spent a lot of it upside down, and had a nice green complexion when I was finished.

Aerobatic flight plan

A short promo video for the flight.  They didn’t have the camera installed in the Pitts when I did my flight but they have it in most of the time.  Would have been nice to get some video of my flight.  As you can see from the video, it is one heck of ride.

Miki didn’t want to do the Aerobatic flight… especially after she saw the nice shade of green I turned after my flight :)

Instead, she opted for the scenic flight over Lake Wanaka in the open cockpit Tiger Moth which was used as a WWII trainer.  The flight is run by the same company (and the same pilot).  It’s just marketed under a different name.  Classic Flights.

Vintage Tiger Moth

Self portrait

Promo video of the Tiger Moth flight by Classic Flights.

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3 Responses to “Pitts Aerobatic and Tiger Moth Flight”

  1. sean says:

    How long was the aerobatic flight? Was it kind of like an intense roller coaster ride?

  2. nathan says:

    It was about 15-20 minutes. Much more intense than a roller coaster. You can get high Gs on a roller coaster but only for very brief moments. The aerobatic flight had these high Gs but for a longer period of time and they all happened very quickly one after another . Also, you get disoriented much easier because the horizon is constantly moving around. It was a wild ride and I’m glad I did it… but probably wouldn’t do it again :)

  3. Peter says:

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the post really neat to see that you enjoyed the flights :-)

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