Numazu – Senbonhama Triathlon

We travelled down to Shizuoka last week for Miki’s first triathlon… The Senbonhama Triathlon.  I tagged along and took pictures again.  With all the various races that Miki does I think I’m getting pretty good at photography sports.  I usually bring two cameras.  One with a medium zoom and one with a long telephoto.  This time I did things a little different in that the camera with the medium zoom lens was on a short tripod and took video while I was shooting her with the telephoto.  I strapped the camera taking video to railing, a flag pole and balanced on a top of cone to get some video while I was taking still photos.  Maybe next time I’ll hire an assistant to help get some better video for Miki’s next race.

As usual, I put together a video slideshow of the days events.  Enjoy…

She ended up placing second in her age group.  Pretty impressive since it was her first traithlon!!

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  1. I’m so impressed. What an amazing accomplishment. Pass along my congratulations Miki.

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