In and Around Port Douglas Australia

Cape Tribulation

After we did two days of scuba diving we needed a break and wanted to visit some of the other sites around Port Douglas.  First, we took a tour with Tony’s Tropical Tours which took us to the Mossman Gorge, the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation.

Daintree River Crocodile

One of the coolest attractions was the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas.  They have a program were you can have breakfast with the birds.  It’s sounds exactly like what is says.  They have a buffet breakfast setup (which was actually quite good) and you eat while birds are flying around and some even trying to steal your food.  Once your done with your breakfast you can spend some time walking around the zoo.  We’ve been to a lot of zoos and while it was pretty small it ranks as one of the better ones around.

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