Poseidon Cruises – Great Barrier Reef

Poseidon Cruises

We did quite a bit of research (as usual) for our trip to the Great Barrier Reef.  One area that I spent a lot of time on was choosing a dive boat.  There are a lot of dive boats that service the Great Barrier Reef but one that kept coming up as better than the rest in the forums, etc was Poseidon Cruises.  Poseidon goes to the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs which are on the outer reefs and was the area I wanted to visit.

Dive Deck

So we booked 2 trips with 3 dives each day.  You can also go snorkeling on the same boat if you are not a diver.  The fact that they have snorkelers and divers on the same boat did concern me.  It also concerned me that the boat was so big.  It can handle up 90 passengers.  That is a lot of divers/snorkelers.  As you can see from the pic it can get pretty crowded down there.  Especially when you are near the boat.

Lots of divers

Overall, the boat and crew did a good job and allowed us to get a lot of dives in relative comfort (Miki got a little sea sick on the trip out to the outer reefs).

However, I wish there was a boat out there that could go out to the outer reefs but only carry a max of 12 divers.  Having so many people around made the experience feel like a scuba diving assembly line.

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