Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas

Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas

We went on a quick trip to do some scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia this past summer.  We stayed at a surprisingly nice resort in Port Douglas.  The Sea Temple Resort & Spa in Port Douglas.  We weren’t expecting anything spectacular but its nice to be surprised.  The main feature of our room was that you could swim out from your balcony right into the pool.  There was a very large main pool and then a lagoon that looped around the entire property.  I haven’t ever seen anything like it before and we definitely made good use of the pool.

Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas - swim out room

The room was a 2 bedroom apartment with a full kitchen… basically a full service apartment.  The staff was nice and the restaurant was also ok.  Other than the swim out feature it was a pretty standard 4/5 star resort.  The place was very popular with families which meant a lot of kids… I mean A LOT of kids.  It didn’t bother us too much but if you’re looking for a romantic quit getaway then look elsewhere.

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