Ushuaia, Argentina – the southern most city in the world

B&W Panoramic of Ushuaia

After our 4 hour charter flight from Santiago we arrived in Ushuaia.  They had a short city tour and harbor cruise planned for us which was a nice little side trip while the National Geographic Explorer was being cleaned up from its previous trip.

Clelia 2

We saw the Clelia 2 at the pier.  This was the ship that was disabled in high seas a few weeks earlier.  Check out the video in my previous blog post.  Supposedly they are only a few weeks away from putting it back into service but I would never be a passenger on that ship.  There is just no comparison on the sea worthiness of the Clelia 2 vs the National Geographic Explorer.

219-foot yacht, Archimedes

I also saw another amazing yacht docked next to our ship.  It was the 219 foot Archimedes.  After a quick google search I found out it is owned by James Simons, the founder of Renaissance, one of the largest hedge funds in the world.  It was also there when we came back from Antarctica but there was a lot of activity getting it stocked up with food and other supplies.  Maybe Simons was on his way down…

Here is the boat we boarded for the harbor cruise.

Ushuaia harbor cruise

and some of the pics we got from the harbor cruise around Ushuaia.

B&W lighthouse landscape

A whole lot of birds that have a name I can't remember

Seals and birds


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