Antarctica – 12/27 & 28 – Passing back through the Drake Passage

Hope you enjoyed the brief break about Antarctica with a couple posts about our long weekend in Tibet. Now back to finishing up the trip report to Antarctica…

NatGeo Explorer crashes through waves

The journey back through the Drake passage was A LOT more exciting this time.  We had some pretty large swells as you can see from the pictures above.  There weren’t nearly as many people walking around the ship for the 2 day trip back to Ushuaia, Argentina.  I guessing a lot of them were in the cabin hugging the toilet ;)

I was doing fine so I spent some more time photographing the sea birds following the ship.

Albatross following the NatGeo explorer

Sea birds following the NatGeo explorer

We then had the pleasure of hearing another talk by Peter Hillary.  This time he talked about the krisis on K2.  I’m surprised he is able to talk about this event because of the tragic nature of the trip.  He was the sole survivor of the group of 8 climbers that tried to summit K2 in 1995.  I’m glad he has the courage to tell this gripping and painful story.

Peter Hillary slide show about the K2 krisis in 1995

We also had some time to chat with Peter and get him to sign a copy of his new book.  In the Ghost Country: A Lifetime Spent on the Edge. I haven’t read it yet (sorry Peter) but I will get to it soon.  I read most books on my Ipad now but one of the problems with that is you can’t really get authors to sign a digital version.

Picture with Peter Hillary

There was also a talk by Ira Block on his assignment to photograph Naomi Uemuera’s solo expedition by dog sled to the North Pole.  Ira is a great speaker and teacher.  I will definitely try to meet up with him again for one of his workshops or maybe even another Lindblad Expedition he is on.

Photo with Ira Block. (all good photographers are bald :)

and then before you know it the port captain from Ushuaia borded our ship to take her into port…

Returning to Ushuaia

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One Response to “Antarctica – 12/27 & 28 – Passing back through the Drake Passage”

  1. I took my son on the National Geographic Explorer to Antartica leaving Jan. 7, 2012. It was a terrific adventure and I love your photographs! I culled my pix down to 137 and look at them from time to time on my computer.

    We had a flat passage on the Drake heading south, picking up 1/2 day. Gale force 7 on return and when we
    crossed from the Wadell Sea to north on the pennsiular. Not too bad but it’s interesting to see where other ships
    had a really rough crossing.

    Loved the kayacs, hiking up the steep hills and getting an overview of it all.
    Have been to Spitsbergen but liked the Antartica trip better.

    Regards, Ralph Robinson

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