Creating the tiger safari game drive time lapse video

I had an idea to create a time lapse movie during one of our game drives in the tiger reserves.  I haven’t done something like this before and haven’t seen anything online about doing something like this but I gave it a go.  I took my canon 5d mark II with a 12-24mm lens zoomed out to 24mm and plugged in my cheap chinese knock off time lapse trigger device thingy.  It was configured to take 1 photo every 7 seconds.  I imported all the jpegs into quicktime pro which I used to create the movie to playback all the still frames at 12 frames per second.

I mounted the camera to a bean bag and then strapped it to the top frame of the vehicle with a lot of tape (the roads are bumpy… very, very bumpy so I was pretty worried about the camera flying off).  I wrapped it all in a small towel to try and protect it from the dust.  It didn’t really work because the fine talcum powder like dust gets everywhere.

The results turned out much better than I thought.  The first take I had it pointed forward and I think it catches the gist of what a game drive is.  I was also lucky and it caught a very brief glimpse of the Jackal killing a Chital on this camera.  It’s the very small dot down the road next to the wall.  Don’t worry, I got a much better shot with my 500mm lens which I’ll be posting later.

The second take was the camera rig turned around at me and Talat.  This was the best take of all.  It was a pretty boring game drive until the last few minutes.  We ended up getting an amazing tiger safari in a mad scrabble of vehicles.

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