Zardori silk embroidery

Miki trying her hand at Zardori embroidery

We went to another shop that had a vey unique type of embroidery called Zardori silk emroidery.

This style of embroidery has been in existence in India from the time of the Rig Veda. It prospered during the Mugal EmperorAkbar, but later a loss of royal patronage and industrialization led to its decline. Today, it is popular in the Indian cities of LucknowBhopal, and Chennai.[1] The name zardozi is from Persian and means “sewing with gold”.  from wikipedia

The detail of this work was incredible and the late Shams was considered to be one of the best.  Here are three of his pieces that took him over 5 years each to make.  They aren’t for sale but they do have smaller pieces but even the prices on those are very high.  A 16×20 piece was over 12,000 rupees (or about 260 USD).  They were interesting but not interesting enough to buy one… at least not now.  A couple of pictures suited me just fine.

The name of the store in Agra that sells these pieces is called “Imperial Gems”.  I’m sure any hotel can point you in the right direction if you are interested.  They also have a shop to that sells some locally made jewelry.

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2 Responses to “Zardori silk embroidery”

  1. Kirti Kalra says:

    I am the owner of this store called IMPERIAL GEMS. Thanks for appreciating the beautiful pieces. But i think that there is some confusion somewhere. A 16 x 20 piece would have been Rs 12000 and not $ 12000 as mentioned above.

  2. nathan says:

    Thanks for the correction. I’ve updated the post to include the correct pricing.

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