Tuli Tiger Resort in Kanha

Tuli Tiger Resort - pool and main lodge

The Tuli Tiger Resort was much different than the Tiger Trails Resort we stayed at in Bandhavgarh.  It’s part of a larger chain of hotels which makes it much more commercial.  Not necessarily a bad thing if that is what you are looking for.  The resort is laid out around a small pond and all the paths and gardens are landscaped well.

Tuli Tiger Resort Landscape

The service was good and professional here but it wasn’t as personal as the Tiger Trails Resort.  The rooms were big, bright and spacious.  The outside temperature would fluctuate wildly from being near freezing in the morning to 35+ in the afternoon but somehow the design/build of the rooms kept it comfortable all day long.  We didn’t use the fan or air conditioning even once.  Not sure how they did it but it was a nice plus.

The resort has another resort thats actually within the resort.  It was confusing at first because I thought we were booked at the Tuli Corrider resort which is a luxury tented resort that just opened.  Turns out we were booked at the main resort and not the resort within the resort.  In order to get to the Tuli Corrider resort you have to walk through the Tuli Tiger Resort property.  Kinda a bad design if you ask me especially after I found out what the charge per night for the luxury tented camps.

Tuli Corridor Resort (inside the Tuli Tiger Resort)

However, once you get inside the Corridor resort it’s pretty nice.  I wasn’t able to get inside one of the tented camps but they looked spacious from the outside.  If you stay here you also get your own private pool in addition to the pool thats available to the other guests at the Tuli Tiger Resort.

Tuli Corridor Resort Swimming Pool

The Tuli Corridor Resort is very nice but I don’t think it’s worth it since the cost of one of these rooms is several times more than the standard room we stayed in.  You just spend too much time in the park on game drives to enjoy any of the amenities you pay for.  Even if you do have some down time all you really want to do is catch up on sleep.

All in all, I liked the resort but I liked the more personal feel of the Tiger Trails Resort we stayed at in Bandhavgarh better.  Luckily, they have a sister resort in Kanha.  The Wild Chalet Resort.  If I go back to Kanha I’ll try that resort instead.

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