Spot Nate?

Spot recently came out with this new GPS tracking device called the Spot Connect.    It’s a small hockey puck looking GPS receiver/transmitter that can sync with the iphone. Being the gadget freak that I am I picked one up to test out. One of the functions is an option to track your progress and send near real time updates via satellite to a webpage.  No wifi or 3G signal needed.  I’m heading out to the black hills in South Dakota so I’m going to give it try. If it works as expected you will be able to track my progress via the map above link here.

You can also use it to send short e-mails, update your facebook and twitter accounts and activate an SOS signal to have somewhere come rescue you if need.

Here is static page that will have my latest location… if this thing actually works.  Spot Nate!

At some point I’ll figure out how to integrate my latest location to the google map at the top of page showing all our travels.  Haven’t been able to figure that out yet so if anyone knows how drop me a line.

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