Top 10 Essentials For Making Better Travel Photos

Doing the Polar Plunge in front of the National Geographic Explorer

We liked our trip to Antarctica on the National Geographic Explorer so much we booked another trip on the same ship to the Arctic this summer.  In preparation of the trip to Arctic, they had National Geographic photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins give a webinar on the Top 10 Essentials For Making Better Travel Photos.  These tips don’t just apply to trips to the arctic.  They are very useful tips that will help you take better travel photos wherever you go.  Click on the link here to watch the webinar.

Here are the top 10 tips that Ralph covers in his presentation.

1. Get organized

2. Aim and Create

3. White balance

4. Control ISO

5. Shooting modes

6. Holding steady

7. Master exposure

8. Think composition

9. Dare to experiment

10. Power of moment

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