Ipad2. A travel camera??


Personally, I don’t have an Ipad2 with the built in camera but even if I did I wouldn’t use it to take travel photos. ¬†First, I can’t imagine it really takes good photos. Second, you look like a complete idiot using it. ¬†Evidence above…

At least he has some pretty famous company.


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3 Responses to “Ipad2. A travel camera??”

  1. Will Hains says:

    Definitely agree. But having just spent a week in Greece using my iPhone 4 as my primary camera, I have to say, it’s astonishingly good.

  2. sean says:

    Maybe he forgot his camera in the hotel? :)

  3. nathan says:

    Iphone 4 is different. It does take good pictures and you don’t look like an idiot using it. The best camera you have is the one you have with you.

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