Rushmore Cave – the adventure tour

One of the coolest (and scariest) adventures we had when visiting the Black Hills of South Dakota was an adventure cave tour in the Rushmore Cave.  This wasn’t your normal cave tour with handrails and carved out passages.  You had to pass a squeeze test before you could take the tour.  They had a little box in the lobby that replicated the smallest opening on the tour which was 10 inches.  Miki had no problem of course and I also made it but had to do some wiggling to get through.

They tour did start with their normal tour that most of the tourists takes.  They tell you about the cave.  Show you the big caverns, etc.  All of it is pretty cool and worth visiting even if you don’t do the extreme tour.  After the normal tour then the real fun begins.

Our guide showing us the techinque to get in and out of tight spaces.

I did it with no problem.  However, a little bit later he showed us a much smaller hole.  The “practice hole” we went through before was pretty big compared to what was in store for us.  Our guide showed us this hole.  He said, this hole is where you start the tour.  We had to leave our cameras behind because the space was so small.  There was barely enough to fit me through some of the holes so a camera was out of the question.  One of the holes was so small I had to exhale to collapse my chest and slowly slide through the dirt to get through.  About half way through the very small squeeze I tired to take a breath but couldn’t.  The hole was so small that I couldn’t even take a full breath.  After I freaked out a little I managed to compose myself and wriggle myself to safety.

Start of the Rushmore adventure cave tour

Would I do it again?  Yep.  In a heart beat.  One of the coolest things I’ve even done.  Plus it’s always fun to get a little dirty.






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3 Responses to “Rushmore Cave – the adventure tour”

  1. sean says:

    I’m sure you washed off thoroughly before getting back into the ‘vette.

  2. Arnold says:

    Thanks for the info. We were wondering what to expect and how dirty we will get etc… Really appreciate it.

  3. nathan says:

    Yep. Kept that thing spotless in the hopes he’ll let me borrow it again :)

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