Arctic Day 3 – Prins Karls Forland and St.Johns Fjord

Landing on Poolepynten

The beautiful weather of the past 2 days were gone.  We woke up to some dreary weather with intense winds but that wouldn’t deter us.  Rumor had it that today was the day we were going to see walruses so I was pretty excited.  It turned out today was not the day we would see them but we had fun none the less.

Expedition staff all "geared up"

We all got geared up for our landing on Poolepynten and little hike.  The expedition staff all carry rifles just in case we encounter a polar bear.  They take every precaution not encounter them on land but if you do it’s better to be prepared because letting a polar bear eat a tourist is bad for business.

With very little widlife around I focused on the big and the little.  Big landscapes.  Little flowers.

Poolepynten landscape

Svalbard Poppy

Anyone know what this is?

Purple Saxifrage

budding flower


Poolepynten landscape

We continued on to St. Johns fiord where we had another landing and found an old trappers hut.

Old trappers hut

Can you imagine spending an entire arctic winter inside one of these?

Inside a trappers hut

at least you have one heck of a view from the toilet.

Arctic toilet with a view

While we had very few wildlife sightings today it still was a good day and we learned a bit about how norwegian trappers live on Svalbard.

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