A Day In Segovia, Spain

Segovia landscape

Segovia is a quaint little town less than an hour by bus from Madrid.  The main attractions here are the ancient roman aqueducts, the Cathedral, and the castle Alcazar.  We only had a short amount of time in Madrid before we headed for Pamplona for the running of the bulls so after some research we choose Segovia as our main activity while in Madrid.  Bottom line… we loved this little town.

Segovia Aqueducts

After we got off the bus we headed toward the aqueducts while passing by the tourist office to pick up some city maps.  These aqueducts were built in the 1st century.  It’s pretty amazing that over 2000 years later they are still standing.

Continuing on up the hill towards the Alcazar you pass a large square with some great outdoor cafes.  The square is in front of the Segovia Cathedral.  While not the oldest or grandest Cathedral we’ve seen its still very impressive.

Segovia Cathedral

Segovia Cathedral Interior

The highlight of our Segovia tour was the Alcazar of Segovia.  We’ve travelled extensively throughout the world but we haven’t ever visited a castle.  Not a bad first castle for our list.

Alcázar of Segovia

Alcázar of Segovia interior

Alcázar of Segovia - armory room

Miki's armor

Does this cannon work?

Segovia is small enough to walk around the entire town in an afternoon.  However, take your time and enjoy a nice meal at the many outdoor cafes.

Cold beer in front of the Segovia aqueducts

Here are a couple other day trips from Madrid we considered before eventually settling on Segovia based on a locals recommendation:  Toledo, Seville, Cordoba.  We didn’t have enough time this trip so maybe next time.

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