Arctic Day 4 – Woodfjorden

Walrus chunk

We had our first walrus sightings today!!  I haven’t ever seen a walrus before except in pictures.  They look ugly in pictures and they look even uglier in person.  However, I could sit for hours watching them flop all over the place while making all kinds of interesting noises.  Before we had our first walrus sighting we had another early wake up call for some fin whales off the bow.

Fin Whale with calf

After we had our fill of pictures of the fin whales we headed towards Woodfjorden.  Once again we were amazed at the polar bear spotting ability of the crew.  Several kilometers away they spotted a polar bear on land just before it headed into the water.

Polar Bear on land

Polar Bear testing the water

Polar Bear shaking the water off (while in the water??)

As the polar bear swam off so we continued on and found some more bears on the ice.  Can you spot the bear?  I had a 500mm lens with a doubler on which gave me over 1000mm of reach and still the polar bear was only a spec on the ice.  This was also taken after the captain had been slowly maneuvering towards the bear for a little over 30 minutes.  I guess I need to buy a bigger lens!!

Can you spot the polar bear?

Later in the day we had a chance for a zodiac ride.  We couldn’t land on the island because a polar bear was spotted on the land.  This did give us a good opportunity to get some polar bear pictures from the zodiac.  We weren’t able to get as close as I would have liked but we did get a few good looks at him.

Zodiac in front of Polar Bear

Polar Bear with flowers

One of my favorite things about Lindlbad Expeditions are the little things they do to make the expedition memorable.  My number one little thing they do is the hot choco zodiac that roams around on the cold arctic days to warm up the freezing travelers.

Hot Choco Zodiac

Our last stop of the day was Moffen island.  Walrus paradise.  It was also our furthest point north on the trip.  80 degrees north to be exact.

Group of swimming walruses

Walrus swimming

Walrus closeup

Isn’t he cute??


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