Bled, Slovenia – The Adventure Capital of Europe and the Best Day Trip Ever!!

Lake Bled and the Church of the Assumption on Bled Island

Earlier in our European adventure, I blogged about one of the worst day tours we ever took and now we had one of the best day tours ever.  It was the Emerald River Adventure tour run by 3glav adventuresin Bled, Slovenia.  This tour had it all.  History, beautiful scenery, hiking at the highest mountain pass in Slovenia, white water rafting on the Soca river, swimming at a secluded waterfall, visiting another waterfall (no swimming at this one but still very impressive), jumping from a ridiculously high bridge into emerald green water, a unique car train ride through a series of long tunnels, and all of this in one day long tour that costs less than 100 euros.

View of the Julian Alps in Bled, Slovenia

Packing all this stuff into one day wouldn’t work well if it wasn’t run by a good group of guys.  You can tell they really care about their country and about showing tourists what it has to offer.  Unlike many tour operators around the world, I didn’t feel like these guys were just in it for the money.  They didn’t just want to get you in and out while emptying the most they can out of your wallet.  This level of service has made them stand out.  Just look at tripadvisor.  They are rated the #1 thing to do in Bled and the reviews they have are as glowing as mine.  Well done guys!!!

Jumping from a bridge into emerald green water.  This guy had a very bad entry into the water... but first... ouch.  I don't think he will be sitting down again for a while.

Jumping from a bridge into emerald green water. This guy had a very bad entry into the water... but first... ouch. I don't think he will be sitting down again for a while.

Slovenia doesn’t usually show up on the travelers radar as being an adventure capital.  Switzerland usually holds that title but if you want the best service, the best bang for your buck, the best food, the best culture, look no further than Bled, Slovenia.

Girl fishing in Lake Bohinj

It’s also much, much cheaper than Switzerland.  Just take a look at the price difference for a 3 hour cayoning tour.  I know price isn’t everything but it makes a difference for travelers on the budget.  Why pay twice as much in Switzerland for what is the same if not a better experience in Slovenia.

3 hour canyoning tour with 3glav in Slovenia – 55 euros

3 hour canyoning tour (they advertise it as a half day tour but its closer to a 2 hour tour with only 3 waterfalls to abseil down) with “Trekking Team” in Switzerland – 100 euros

Start of the Soca river. One of the many beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia.

Bled, Slovenia has a lot more to offer the adrenaline junkie.  You can go hiking, mountain biking, sky diving, paragliding, rock climbing, and much more.  You can also get very good 3-4 star accommodation for less than 75 euros per night (even in August).

In our 3 month, 23 country european adventure, Slovenia stood out as one of our favorites if not the top place in Europe we’d like to revisit.

Gearing up for whitewater rafting down the Soca River

Here is a short video of our whitewater rafting trip down the Soca River.  It’s more of us jumping off of rocks, and floating down the river than actually rafting but still a great time just don’t expect class 5 Zambezi river like rapids.

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2 Responses to “Bled, Slovenia – The Adventure Capital of Europe and the Best Day Trip Ever!!”

  1. I must say I have a very similar experience…

    Slovenia is definitely a country where a first class surprise would be meeting someone just trying to empty your wallet. In Morocco however (a total opposite of Slovenia) a foreigner is usually regarded just as a walking bag of money. Once I have actually spent around half an hour explaining to a Moroccan guy that I am just an European budget traveller and I don’t have $150 to spend on a 15 minute jet-ski ride. In the end I am still not really sure the guy actually believed such Europeans existed at all.

  2. Sonam says:

    Hi Nathan,

    I don’t know if you remember me and my brother but we went on the same Emerald River Adventure day trip but in a different van. Have to agree, Slovenia was probably our favourite country whilst travelling around Europe and the day trip was brilliant value, lots of fun and simply amazing scenery. Definitely thinking of going back with some friends!

    If you’ve got any photos or videos of us would you mind sharing them with me? I’m the one in the flowery board shorts, top right of that bridge jump. Might remember me from talking to you after that hidden waterfall, thinking of getting one of those new gopro HD Hero 2′s soon.

    Hope you and your lovely wife had a great time during the remainder of your travels.

    Brilliant blog btw, I’ve got it bookmarked as it’s a good read and very helpful!

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