Crashing Local Events (part 2) – Running a Marathon

Off to the races...

If you follow this blog then you know Miki loves to run.  She’s done marathons, triathlons, half marathons, 10ks, etc.  So, when she saw a poster advertising a marathon around lake Misurina near Cortina, Italy we changed our plans slightly to stay an extra day to attend the race.  There was one slight problem.  The translation we received from the front desk of our hotel was slightly inaccurate.  It went from a marathon to a half marathon to a “short run”.  The staff was very helpful but didn’t really understand what it was but they did know all you had to do was show up.

We turned up on the day of the race and it wasn’t what we thought.  It was only a 3k run.  Miki specializes in longer distance running so this was different but she decided to do it anyway.  She was placed in the “Femminile Seniores” group based on her age and sex with 6 other runners.  The other six runners were incredible.  Miki called them mountain women.  They were tall, big, and looked very strong.  At this point, I would have gracefully disappeared, hoped back into the car and headed for our next destination but Miki just smiled and lined up near the starting line.

Miki running in the Lake Misurina "Marathon"


Miki closed to the finish of the Lake Misurina "Marathon"

Not surprisingly, the other women in the group beat Miki but still not a bad showing for running at a high altitude, on a short course, against a bunch of mountain women.  Way to go Miki!!!

Femminile Seniores:

1. Monica Gaspari 10:53

2. Sabrina Boldrin 12:24

3. Marina Piller 12:50

4. Valentina Bachmann 14:51

5. Irene Cicolini 14:58

6. Elena Da Ros 15:25

7. Miki Busscher 15:50

Miki with the race organizers. She was the only non Italian in the race.

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