Eurodrive – Great Deals On Long Term Car Rental

Eurodrive provided Renault Megane

I did a lot of research to find a good deal on a rental car for our Europe trip.  The challenge is there are a lot of options.  I looked at combinations of train and rental cars.  Only taking the train.  Renting a car in one country and dropping if off in another.  After days and days of research the best deal I found was Renault Eurodive.

The setup is simple.  You pick up a car in one city in France and drop it off anywhere else in France.  You can pick up or drop off in another country but that can cost around 300 euros more depending on the country.  Here are some of the key benefits of using Renault Eurodrive vs a regular rental car company.

  • A brand new vehicle.  Our vehicle had 12 km on it when we picked it up.  We got a Megane which I really, really liked and it served us well through over 7000km of driving.  It’s a sporty little car that is still very comfortable for long distance road trips.
  • Unlimited miles
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage.  They cover everything and there is no deductible.  Most credit cards claim they will cover what the car rental company doesn’t but do you really want to go through the headache of dealing with that.
  • You can visit ALL countries in Europe.  Most rental car companies won’t allow you to drive in Bosnia, Romania, Serbia, and most other eastern european countries.  With Eurodrive it’s no problem.
  • No extra fees for anything.  Bring back the car with an empty tank of gas – no extra charge.  Want to add an extra driver – no extra charge.
  • Cost.  If you rent for over 21 days it is almost always cheaper than renting a car from a normal rental agency.  The longer you rent past 21 days the cheaper the per day cost gets.  Eurorail train passes are quite expensive.  If you have two people and want to travel to more than 3 countries it’s cheaper to rent a car (plus you get the freedom to drive wherever you want).

If you are planning a long european holiday look into the Renault Eurodrive program.

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