Monaco – Super Cars… Super Cars… Super Cars…

Porsche GT - 440,000 USD

We felt very out of place driving around Monaco in our little Renault Megane.  There were super cars parked around every corner.  Porsche GTs, multiple Ferrari’s (they seemed to be the most common car in Monaco), Mercedes Mclaren, Aston Martin, and on and on.

Mercedes Mclaren SLR Roadster - $450,000 USD

Ferrari California ($220k), 599 GTB ($320k), California ($220k) + 2 more Ferrair's just out of view. Over 1 million USD of cars parked right in front of our little Renault

Ferrari California ($220k) - my favorite of the super cars we saw in Monaco

It’s amazing that there are so many super cars in the tiny little country of Monaco.  The entire city landscape can fit in one panoramic photo (the green you see in the photo is France).  The amazing cars of Monaco are probably the cheapest things in the city.  Studio apartments can sell for millions of euros and mega yachts can go for tens of millions.  It’s a pretty amazing little country.

Monaco Panoramic

What do people do when they aren’t buying a new Ferrari??  Go to the famous Monte Carlo Casino.  We weren’t able to get inside because there is a dress code but even if we did make it in I don’t think they would have $5 blackjack tables.

Reflection of the Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino

Not everything in Monaco is expensive.  One free thing you can do in Monaco is swim.  There is a “concrete beach” that you can swim from.  I was hesitant to let Miki go swimming because the swells were pretty big but she was persistant so off she went.  Luckily she’s a good swimmer and did just fine.  We were there very early in the morning so we had the entire “beach” to ourselves.  I’m not sure if that’s because people in Monaco don’t like to swim or maybe we weren’t supposed to be there.  There weren’t any signs saying stay out… at least not in english :) .

Monaco's swimming "beach"

Jumping into the waters of Monaco

Swimming in Monaco

We were only driving through Monaco but unless you own a ferrari or a mega yacht this isn’t really a town for ordinary travelers.

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