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Andorra – The Only Place Without Japanese Tourists

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Andorra ski resorts

Andorra is a tiny, landlocked country sandwiched between Spain and France.  Tourism is pretty much all that Andorra has going for it.  There really isn’t any other industry.  Normally, when there is a tourist hot spot in the world there tends to be a lot of Japanese wandering around in single file lines.  Not so with Andorra.  I don’t have any official stats but we didn’t encounter a single one during our overnight visit.  My theory why there aren’t any Japanese tourists is that it’s hard to get to.  There isn’t an airport in the country so you have to drive or bus in.

We were only driving through Andorra so we didn’t have a lot of time to explore the country.  It’s basically a big ski town.  None of the ski runs look that challenging so it’s likely better for families that hard core skiers.  Any ski town wouldn’t be a complete without a spa and Andorra has one of the biggest I’ve ever been to.  It’s the Caldea Spa.

Caldea indoor lagoon

The spa is built around a large indoor lagoon but that isn’t all they have to offer.  They have outdoor baths, outdoor jacuzzis, indo-roman baths, icelandic baths, Aquamassage, Sirocco Bath, Sauna, Hammam, and more.  Admission is 35 euros per person which is pretty expensive for what it is but they run some good specials.  We were able to get one night at a very nice 3 star hotel plus admission for 2 people for less than 100 euros.  Basically, you get lodging a they throw in entrance to the Caldea Spa for free.  All the specials are advertised on their website.

Miki’s favorite room was the Icelandic bath were you can cool down with snow and very cold water before hoping into the hot sauna.

Miki in the Icelandic bath

They also have a “show” at night which is… well… interesting.  It’s a laser light show thing with an acrobat hanging from the ceiling all while some opera singer does he thing.  Nothing to go out of your way to see but it was a nice surprise to end the day.

Caldea indoor light show

I would like to come back to Andorra in the winter to check out the various ski resorts but it’s worth a visit even in the summer… but only for a couple of day.