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Gibraltar – The Apes Have Taken Over

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Alpha Male Ape - "get off my rock"

Gibraltar is a very small UK territory at the southern tip of Spain at the entrance to the Mediterranean.  It has a very long history dating all the way back to the last known home of the neanderthal.  While the neanderthals are well gone, the apes of Gibraltar have taken over.  These sometimes cute, sometimes nasty little creatures have been hassling tourists for years and from the look of our little friend above clearly thinks he owns the place.  Stealing purses, sunglasses, food, basically anything they think is eatable.

The best way to get around Gibraltar is to hire Paul Del Mar ( to take you around in his taxi.  All the rates are controlled by the government so you won’t get ripped off.  It is a little expensive for what is just a 3 hour tour but you get a lot of history with good, safe and air conditioned transportation to all the top sites.  He picks you up right from immigration and drop you back off when the tour is done.  A half day is more than enough time to see all the main sighs in Gibraltar.

The main sites you visit on the tour are: Europa Point Lighthouse, St Michaels Cave, Gibraltar Apes, Moorish Castle, Great Siege Tunnels.

The Mosque at Point Europa

St Michael's Cave

Gibraltar Baby Ape

Gibraltar Ape - big yawn

Friendly Gibraltar Ape

The Great Siege Tunnels

Lookout from the Great Siege Tunnels

The Gibraltar Apes have even taken over defense of the island…

Gibraltar Ape defending Gibraltar

The one site that isn’t on the official tour but I think it was one of the highlights was, the airport.  This is the most unique and the most dangerous airport I’ve ever seen.  There is no way to get into the country without having to cross over the active runway.

Airplane taking off from Gibraltar Airport

Walking across the Gibraltar Airport runway