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A short weekend in Boracay, Philippines

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Boracay beach

Our very short trip to Boracay was for a friends wedding but even a short trip to this beautiful destination was worth it.  The beaches, seafood, and scuba diving make this a must visit destination.  We need to go back to explore more of Boracay and the rest of the Philippines later.

We stayed at the surprisingly nice Discovery Shores in Boracay which was also the location of my friend’s wedding.

Discovery Shores Beach Wedding

Discover Shores didn’t make it easy to make a reservation.  Really, what hotel nowadays doesn’t accept a credit card reservation online or over the phone?  I had to scan both sides of my credit card, my passport, print forms, sign them, fax then, rescan them again because it was to dark and the refax them again.  Several irate phone calls later I finally secured the reservation.

Here are some photos from around the property.  Other than the scary bathroom towel figures they made for us every night it was a great place to stay.  Spacious and bright rooms.  Nice pool.  Great beach areas with plenty of chairs.

We also did a bit of scuba diving.  It wasn’t as good as the Great Barrier Reef or the Maldives but it was still a worth while place to dive.  Calypso Diving is a great dive shop that can help with all your Boracay diving needs.  The dive boats can be a little cramped as you can see from the picture below but they handle it well.  Everyone gets a full tank of diving in.

Not a bad place to hang out for a weekend… just wish we had some more time to explore this beautiful country.

Here’s a short video slideshow from the weekend.

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Philippines – an unsafe country to fly to??

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Boracay Sunset

In April this year the EU released a list of airlines that were banned from flying into EU airspace.  ALL Philippines were on this list.  So, what is it like to fly on an unsafe airline?  In the case of Cebu Pacific, which we used to fly to Boracay for a friends wedding, not so bad actually.  As far as I heard, everyone from the wedding made it in and out of the country safely.  We have flown on much worse airlines.  Aeroflot and Kenya Airways to name two (which happen to not be on the official list).  We also had an interesting experience on Air Botswana but in all cases we got to our destination just fine.

View the full list of “unsafe” airlines here.

The safety demonstration on our flight didn’t happen like this video below but any airline that tries something like this is ok by me.  I guess a little safety demo flare doesn’t give them bonus points from the EU.

Any place that can deliver sunsets like the picture above is worth a little risk… isn’t it ;)