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Tanzania & Uganda – The Pictures

Friday, January 1st, 2010

I’ve finally gotten through all 7000 pictures I took on our Tanzania and Uganda holiday back in November.  Don’t worry.  I didn’t post all 7000.  The pages are split into one section for Uganda and one section for Tanzania.  Both pages have a gallery that links to about 200 of the best pictures from the whole trip.  The rest of the galleries have more great pictures broken out into specific sections of the trip.


Uganda Holiday Index

Tanzania Holiday Index

Tanzania – Video Slideshow

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Video slide show of the Tanzania portion of the trip.  I’m really liking the ability to embed short video clips into the animoto slide shows. It almost makes my long slide shows worth watching :)

Click here to download a high resolution version

Tanzania – Trip Report

Sunday, December 27th, 2009


The planning aspect of the Tanzania portion of our trip was easy once we had all the dates worked out that my family could meet us there.  I scoured the forums looking for a reputable safari operators, talked with other people who had been there before, e-mailed travel magazines for recommendations, etc.  After I had a list a few companies I e-mailed all of them with what was essentially the same e-mail detailing the requirements we had for our trip.  I had been on safari before so I knew exactly what we wanted.  A luxury camping experience with a few days in a lodge half way through the trip to break up the camping.  After some back and forth with several companies I eventually decided on Naipenda Safaris.  Jo (the owner) was extremely helpful and responded quickly to all my e-mails.  They also had a local office in Arusha, Tanzania so this wasn’t just a travel agent reselling another company’s services.  Their trucks looked new, their camp sites looked very professional and the guides seemed all very well trained.

Here is the itinerary that was eventually put together for us:

Day 1 :Arrive at Kilimanjaro airport and transfer to Tarangire park.  Afternoon game drives in Tarangire park, dinner and overnight Luxury mobile camping

Today we arrived early in the morning from Entebbe, Uganda and met up with the rest of my family who arrived the night before.  We were quickly (after our driver fixed TWO flat tires we had in the span of 30 minutes) on our way to Tarangire park.  The campsite was fantastic.  Our tents were nestled in between huge Baobab trees.

Tarangire camp site

Day 2 :Morning and afternoon game drives in Tarangire park, dinner and overnight Luxury mobile camping

Tarangire is known for its elephant herds and it didn’t disappoint.

elephant up close

Day 3: After breakfast, game drive en route towards Ngorongoro, via Lake Manyara Park.

Lake Manyara is a very small park so we were only scheduled to drive through it on the way to the Ngorongoro Crater.  About half way through the park we came upon the typical safari scene.  There were zebras, warthogs, baboons, monkeys, and impala all sharing a clearing with a small river running through it.  The following picture is using my Canon 30D that I just had converted to infrared.  I’m not totally happy with the results but with more practice I should be able to produce some better results.  Another excuse to go back to Africa on safari :)

Tarangire infrared scene

Day 4: Next morning descend into the crater for tour, game viewing around the area, late afternoon back to the hotel for dinner and overnight Ngorongoro Sopa.

The crater is one amazing place… and so is the Ngorongoro Sopa lodge.  The amount of wildlife packed into a small place is amazing.  One of the key attractions (besides the concentration of Lions) are the Rhinos.  We saw them earlier in the day but they were very far away and lying down.  We decided to go back and see them just before we returned back to the lodge and we got very lucky.  Just as we pulled up to where we say them in the morning they started to move.  The best part is there were no other vehicles around unlike in the morning where we had to jockey for position with the other 10 vehicles.


We also had some amazing cheetah sightings.  We watched a pair of them for quite a while.  We thought one of them was about to take off and kill a gazelle but at the last moment he laid down instead.  I guess he must have been full.


Day 5: After breakfast game drive en route Northern Serengeti in Lobo area, full day game drives dinner and overnight Luxury mobile camping

We spent the next 5 days in the Northern part of the Serengeti.  We originally choose the northern part because the migration should have been there this time of year.  However, you can’t really plan it and due to an drought in Kenya, the migration started earlier.  By the time we arrived the migration was already in the central part of the Serengeti.  This was about a 2 hour drive from our camp.  We were concerned when we first heard this but it turned out not to be an issue at all.  We did drive back to the central sergenti for two days to see the migrations but the rest of the time we stayed in the north and we had amazing wildlife viewings every day.


Day 6: After breakfast game drive en route Northern Serengeti in Lobo area, full day game drives dinner and overnight Luxury mobile camping

lions lounging on a rock

Day 7: After breakfast game drive en route Northern Serengeti in Lobo area, full day game drives dinner and overnight Luxury mobile camping


Day 8: After breakfast game drive en route Northern Serengeti in Lobo area, full day game drives dinner and overnight Luxury mobile camping (We ended up staying at the Lobo Wildlife Lodge due to our campsite being destroyed)

wet black maned lion

Today.  It rained… hard… and it was very, very windy.  The morning started off just as every other morning did and the weather was ok.  We went out for a game drive and actually saw two black maned lions which are pretty rare.   They looked pretty miserable in the pouring rain but little did we realize we would also be sharing their experience.  We started to head back to camp around lunch time and it started raining so hard that you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of the car.  We eventually pulled up to camp and one of the camp hands came up to our car and said “one of the tents has a little water in it”.  We couldn’t see the tents from the car due to the pouring rain so we asked which one.  His reply was the second one… which was my sisters.  We all got out of the car, which was parked right next to the dinner tent so we wouldn’t have to get wet.  We walked through the dinner tent and out the other side to get a good look at our campsite.  The “second tent” looked fine.  It was moving around the wind pretty violently and it was leaning to one side a little but generally ok.



our tent destroyed


Then we all noticed that the one tent to the left of the second tent was no longer there.  All that was standing was the toilet.  The rest of the tent was in the tree… upside down.  All of me and my wife’s clothes, some camera equipment, everything was flipped upside town and tossed into a tree.  I quickly ran through the rain into the tent via a huge hole that wasn’t there before.  It was a disaster.  There was water everyone and our stuff was tossed around like a tornado just went through.  There was a shoe floating in the water.  One of my portable hardrives was floating nicely in its neoprene case.  All I thought was all the pictures from the trip are ruined (turned out not to be the case.  It dried out fine and turned out without a problem.  I love my Hyperdrive).   The amazing thing is that inside the tent there was a cast iron bed and dresser.  The bed must have weighed 200-300 pounds but the wind was so strong it had no problem flipping it upside down and tossing it into the tree.  The rain eventually stopped and we got all of our stuff out of the tent but everything was went and the tent was totally destroyed.  There was no way we could stay here tonight

My parents tent was the only one that was damaged but since the flaps on the tent were open, rain soaked everything in the tent.  All six of us had almost no dry clothes, no place to stay that night, but we were all having a good time.  Part of the fun of traveling.

More pictures of the aftermath…

Naipenda eventually arranged for us to stay at a lodge but that was a bit of an ordeal as well.  The closest lodge was the Lobo Wildlife Lodge but they very rarely sent guests there and don’t have an arrangement with them.  They wanted us to drive 2+ hours back to the central Serengeti to stay at a Serena lodge but it had started raining hard again and it was to dangerous for us to leave.  So, we eventually worked out a deal with the lodge and Naipenda to stay there two nights.  More on the lodge later but basically it was an amazing beautiful lodge with the most horrendous service.

lobo wildlife lodge

Day 9: After breakfast game drive en route Northern Serengeti in Lobo area, full day game drives dinner and overnight Luxury mobile camping (replaced with: Lobo Wildlife Lodge)

After getting all of clothes cleaned and dried we headed off for another day of game drives.  The morning drive was great but the afternoon was almost completely uneventful.  The afternoon drive was really the only game drive we had were something very cool didn’t happen.

Day 10: Morning game viewing drive towards Seronera airstrip, fly to Arusha for lunch.

cheetah kill

The final day.  We packed up from the lodge for the 2 hour drive back.  On the way back we saw a few cars stopped to look at something.  It was a cheetah but it was pretty far away.  Even with my 7D, 1.4x extender and 400mm lens, it was still hard to see.  A few minutes into us watching it started to run after a Gazelle.   The cheetah started playing with it.  It would tackle it and then let it run away only chase it and tackle it again later.  The Cheetah kept looking around.  We think it was looking for its cubs which is way it was just playing with the gazelle.  The wanted it’s cubs to make the final kill.  The cubs never showed up so the Cheetah eventually finished off the gazelle and dragged it away.

We took a final plane ride back to arusha and then back to Tokyo… about 24 hours later.

2009 Safari – Uganda and Tanzania

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

gorilas in the mist

We just got back from a 2 week trip to Uganda and Tanzania.  An amazing trip that almost went off without a hitch… until our tent flew into a tree while camping in the Serengeti, all of our clothes got soaked, and we had to take shelter in a lodge instead of our luxury camp site.  All part of the adventure of traveling and to be honest… we were all getting a little bored of watching animals all day long.  The little (mis)adventure added a needed break from the daily routine.

Trekking with the mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Impentrable Forest was also a highlight.  The first day of trekking was a little bit of a disappointment but the second day more than made up for it.  Check out the trip report, pictures, and videos in subsequent posts.

baby gorilla

I’ll break this trip report into a couple of different sections to make it easier

to read.