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Scuba Diving the Silfra Rift in Iceland

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Diving in between the mid atlantic ridge

Scuba diving in Iceland is very unique place to scuba dive.  One of the best dive sights and by far the most famous is Silfra.  Silfra is formed by the north american plate and the eurasian place slowing drifting apart a couple of centimeters per year.  As the plates have drifted apart it has filled with water feed from the nearby Langjökull glacier.  Because it is fed by glacier water it is very, very cold.  2 degrees celsius cold.  It also has an amazing 100+ meter visibility because the glacier water is filtered by the volcanic rock before it enters the rift.  I’ve dived in some places with great visibility before but this was spectacular.  It’s almost like you are flying in mid air because you can’t see the water around you.  A very cool sensation.

Diving in Silfra, Iceland

This cold water necessitates the use of a dry suit so I took the opportunity to get my Padi dry suit certification.  AJ, from was our excellent dive instructor for the day.  If you ever want to go diving in Iceland look no further than the guys on

Check out a short video I made from our dives.  I used a gopro video camera strapped to my wrist but the quality was off for some reason. I found out later you need to have a special lens on it in order for it to focus properly underwater.  You can buy them here.  You still get a good idea of what diving the Silfra rift is like its just not national geographic quality footage.

This was definitely the most unique place I’ve dived.  It was also the most northern at 64 degrees north.

AJ also showed us a neat trick you can do with dry suits… turn Miki into a sumo wrestler :)