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Tarifa, Spain – The Kitesurfing Capital of Europe

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Kite surfing in Tarifa (you can see Morocco in the distance)

Tarifa is a small town at the southernmost point in Spain.  You can see Morocco across the straits of Gibraltar on a clear day.  The town has a very young and laid back feel to it.  Lot’s of young families with a mix of kite/wind surfers and some backpackers thrown in for a good measure.  The main draw here are the wind related activities of kite and wind surfing.

I’ve never photographed windsurfers before so I dragged my gear to the beach and hung out for a couple hours shooting the kite surfers.  It’s pretty amazing the distance off the water they can get.

Kite surfer flying through the air

One word of caution when photographing kite surfers on the beaches in Spain.  BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU POINT YOUR LENS.  It’s best to keep it pointed towards the water at all times even when you aren’t taken pictures.  Why?  The beaches around here are topless.

I’m not sure of the laws about photographing on the beach but I’m guessing it’s not a good idea to try to photograph all the topless women.  However, there were several occasions where I was doing some panning shots of the kite surfers zipping across the water and some women got in the way and ruined my shot.  I really hated it when that happened.

Topless women getting in the way of my photographing kite surfers

I kept on shooting to try and get some shots without these women in the way and I did get a few keepers.

Kite surfer getting some air

This guy had a different kind of kite surfing board.  It was made more for carving that for catching air.  Not as flashy as the other guys but still pretty cool to watch.

Kite surfing carving in the surf

Kite Surfing in Tarifa

"grabbing" some air in Tarifa

There are a lot of very nice beaches in this area.  It would be a great place to hang out for a week or two to just relax.  Not all of the beaches are full of kite surfers.  As the wind changes the surfers move to different beaches.  Also, most of the beaches have a surfing free zone for swimmers.

Kite Surfing Beach

There are over 30 kite surfing schools in Tarifa so if you want to learn there are plenty of options.  I looked into it but the instructors recommended a minimum of 5 days of classes in order be able to go out on your own.  It doesn’t look that hard but I have a feeling it looks harder than it is…